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Order your custom bow tie here and be the most talked about man at the party. Empirical evidence shows that you get more compliments when you wear a bow tie than a regular necktie. People remember what you were wearing and they will remember you. A bow tie makes a great gift for Christmas, Birthday, graduation, "I love you" or whenever. Be your own kind of awesome. Who can say no at only $9.99?

Friday, November 9, 2012

Other Colors and Patterns

Rainbow Swirl
Pink Satin 
Red Vine
Aqua Mosaic


Sizing: Orders placed by shirt collar size (check the inside of the button up shirts you plan to be wearing the bow tie with, do not measure your neck directly.)

Pricing for all bow ties is $9.99 USD for pick up from my house in Orem, Utah. If you would like to skip the shipping cost and pick it up please Email me your order and put "bowtie" in the subject line. Cash or Check please if picking up- no credit or debit cards. Orders of one bow tie will be made within three business days of contacting me. I am home a lot so we can set up a time that is good for you to pick it up.

(If you are one of my husband's students or frequent BYU campus in Provo you can also pick them up there from him instead. I will give you details if you email me.)

To Ship: $9.99 +$3.99. USD

Don't see what you are looking for? Have a great idea? Email me and we'll see if we can make it happen. (i.e. sports, specific color, special occasion. )

All bow ties are the self-tie kind. The bow ties pictured are the classic butterfly 2.5 inch cut but I can make a slightly chunkier version that is 3 inches wide upon request. 

To Order via email:
Send me your shirt collar size and material pattern. All Material is 100% cotton unless other wise specified.


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